The Casey Review, a major report on integration within the UK, has found that successive governments have failed to keep up with the scale of immigration, allowing some communities to become increasingly divided. Although finding that, as a nation, the UK is becoming more integrated and more at ease with integration, there are pockets of […]

The Liberal Democrats have overturned Zac Goldsmith’s majority of 23,000, winning the Richmond byelection my 1,872 votes. This was a stunning victory where they were able to turn the byelection into a vote on Brexit. Richmond voted massively in favour of Remain, and the Lib Dems played to this. In addition, the Labour candidate lost […]

The death of Fidel Castro has sparked and supercharged the debate about whether or not he was in fact a bastard. Those who think he was a bastard point to his human rights abuses, especially his treatment of gays, his propensity to lock up political opponents and his distaste for elections. Those who think he […]

At the end of the year, the Snooper’s Charter will enter into law in the UK. This will make your web history available to almost fifty different police forces and government departments, force internet service providers to keep a record of all websites you visit for up to a year, oblige companies to decrypt data […]

We must build friendships with those who seem bigoted, to show them that our fight against inequality is also theirs.

Activists for human rights must stop believing in the obviousness of their arguments, and start arguing in a way that understands that people may not initially want them. Simply listing their track record is not enough. Emotions must be triggered.