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The rights of the three million EU migrants in the UK must be supported

Some facts. Some have predicted that the UK will have a shortfall of 3.1 million workers by 2050. More widely, to continue growth at current levels, Europe will need to take in 80 million migrants by 2050. Despite this, European countries have increased the difficulty of inward migration. The increased border controls have still not […]

Is it time to take a progressive alliance seriously?

The Liberal Democrats have overturned Zac Goldsmith’s majority of 23,000, winning the Richmond byelection my 1,872 votes. This was a stunning victory where they were able to turn the byelection into a vote on Brexit. Richmond voted massively in favour of Remain, and the Lib Dems played to this. In addition, the Labour candidate lost […]

To defeat the forces of Trump, we must learn the art of friendship

We must build friendships with those who seem bigoted, to show them that our fight against inequality is also theirs.